SAM & EYE: Family Session in San Marcos, TX

You know, there is something extremely therapeutic about the coming of a new year! Is part of your New Year's Resolution to take more photos?? Or to print/back up the photos on your phone??? SAM & EYE can help with that!!

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Recently, SAM & EYE drove out to San Marcos to photograph my cousin Keely, her husband (Scott), and their kids (Cameron & Kynlee). After a little rain delay, the sun came out and we had a wonderful time!!

Here are a few of our favorites! Please enjoy, leave a comment & feel free to share this post!

Thank you, Keely & Scott, for giving SAM & EYE an opportunity to photograph your ADORABLE family! We hope you guys had as much fun as we did and that we can do this, again, soon!!!

We are very fortunate to follow our dreams, but would not be able to do it without our friends & family's continued support and viewing! So, Thank You!!

SAM & EYE will see you NEXT Saturday!