Neither SAM nor EYE have children...but our friends, family members, & clients do!!!!!!! Not only are we fortunate to be surrounded by some of the coolest kids EVER, but we also have the honor of following them & photographing their awesome personalities as they grow. :)

The images below are part of a recent photo session that took place on a rainy day in Austin, Texas. Baby Gray was an absolute DELIGHT to work calm & sleepy...I think he cried twice. We love these images & can't wait to watch him grow...well, actually we can! 

Don't grow up too fast, baby Gray!!!! <3

As you may know, Samuel Cartwright (the "Sam" in SAM & EYE) lives in Austin, Texas and I, Jessi Hebert (the "Eye" in SAM & EYE) am currently living in Nederland, Texas (right outside of Beaumont). We are photographing ALL OVER TEXAS & have absolutely no problem traveling to you for your photography sessions! To discuss booking a photo session for yourself, your family, your animals/home/cars or your business, please email us all the details at

Stay tuned for more pictures of cute kids, animals, weddings & more!!!

Thanks for tuning in!!!!



SAM & EYE: Family Session in San Marcos, TX

You know, there is something extremely therapeutic about the coming of a new year! Is part of your New Year's Resolution to take more photos?? Or to print/back up the photos on your phone??? SAM & EYE can help with that!!

Email SAM & EYE today to schedule your 2016 Portrait Session :

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Recently, SAM & EYE drove out to San Marcos to photograph my cousin Keely, her husband (Scott), and their kids (Cameron & Kynlee). After a little rain delay, the sun came out and we had a wonderful time!!

Here are a few of our favorites! Please enjoy, leave a comment & feel free to share this post!

Thank you, Keely & Scott, for giving SAM & EYE an opportunity to photograph your ADORABLE family! We hope you guys had as much fun as we did and that we can do this, again, soon!!!

We are very fortunate to follow our dreams, but would not be able to do it without our friends & family's continued support and viewing! So, Thank You!!

SAM & EYE will see you NEXT Saturday!

Meagan & Cameron's Engagement Session

You know those rare moments when you meet someone and you feel extremely comfortable with them? Like, maybe somewhere, in a previous life, you were best friends or something?? That, to me (Jessi Hebert), is precisely how I felt when I met Meagan a few years ago, while living in Sugar Land, TX. Anyway, to make a long story short, we've been good friends ever since and I was DELIGHTED to get an opportunity to photograph her engagement session & upcoming wedding to her fiancé, Cameron, on September 10, 2016!!

Sam & I drove down to Rosenberg, TX to photograph Meagan & Cameron and truly had the GREATEST TIME! It started out chilly and windy but we were joking around and telling stories the whole time, the sun came out and we captured some really cute shots and before we knew it, we were on our way back to Austin... reminiscing about how much fun the session was and how excited we were to photograph their wedding next September! 

Here are a few of our favorites from the session, please enjoy & follow us on Facebook & Instagram @SamAndEyeLLC!

Once again, congratulations on your Engagement, Meagan & Cameron!!!

If YOU are interested in having SAM & EYE photograph your Engagement Session/Wedding, Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Pets, Events, Vacations, Business Inventory, Home, etc. please email us for a bid at

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Aaron & Mallaree Are Engaged!!

Hello ALL! 

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?!

You know, we definitely have so many things to give thanks for, here at SAM & EYE, LLC. Business is picking up and we've been encouraged to follow our dreams by most all of our friends and family and it feels wonderful! We're not only thankful for your continued encouragement but we are also continually inspired by many of you who aren't afraid of taking chances, going after your dreams and conquering obstacles in your own lives. So if you've come to this blog and have been following us on Facebook & Instagram @SamAndEyeLLC ... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Today, on the blog, we would like to feature Sam's very good friends, Aaron & Mallaree!!!! This couple is HILARIOUS and we had the most amazing day on South Congress Ave. in Austin, Texas just enjoying the beautiful weather and documenting the day. Here are a few images from the day that were our favorites. We hope you enjoy them & also contact SAM & EYE for ALL of your photography needs!

Congratulations on your engagement, Aaron & Mallaree! SAM & EYE wishes you nothing but the absolute BEST for the future that lies ahead of you!!!! :)

If you would like SAM & EYE to photograph you, products for your business, your family, pets, business associates, vehicles, vacations, headshots, events, birthday parties, wedding, etc. please email

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Thank you and have a wonderful day!