It’s crazy how unpredictable life can be! After 8 years of living away from home, at the end of January of this year, I (Jessi Hebert) moved back to my hometown. 

Samuel Cartwright (my business partner) is still in Austin, TX and since SAM & EYE is a TRAVELING TEXAS PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO we’ve been shooting in Houston, Austin, Beaumont & everywhere in between! So be on the look out for more frequent posts on this blog!

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ANYWAY, you may be wondering what brought me back home and the answer is my sisters & their new business! I have 2 sisters, Jodi Hebert (my twin) & Chrystal Hebert Lundy (our older sister), & together the two of them decided to switch gears & open a business located at

1811 Magnolia AvePort Neches, TX

Gather:Paleo Cafe & Market.

Over the last few years, Chrystal (a.k.a.CaveMomma) & Jodi (a.k.a.feral child) were providing PALEO & PRIMAL goodies at Down To Earth (in Nederland), during their weekly farmer’s market but were limited to what they could sell to their customers. People were asking them to provide meals, they needed an official commercial kitchen, came across this little red brick building next to Jill Suzanne & then BOOM!

We spent the following months renovating the small little building into a cafe, with help from Chrystal’s husband, Aaron, his brother, dad, and uncle, and our own elbow grease, time, & money. It’s been a very detailed & difficult job to take on and we’ve spent hours putting our tender love & care into this place so that HOPEFULLY when you walk in, you’re greeted with a smile, served a delicious meal... and you feel right at home...or maybe more like you're at your grandma's house. We love our community, family & friends and are continuously grateful for their love, trust & support.

As for the food, you don’t have to know what paleo is to come in and get a delicious meal for lunch! If I had to simplify it, i'd just say it’s good home cooking with the best ingredients & without the harmful ones. I’ve worked at Gather:Paleo Cafe & Market ALMOST every day since we’ve opened (January 26, 2016, which explains my absence from this blog) and, in my personal opinion, EVERY meal the girls have prepared has been absolutely DELICIOUS! I do believe this is the best job I've had, so far, in my life & I am so grateful to eat such artfully crafted, melt-in-your-mouth yummy meals every day...that are good for me!

We serve at least 2 lunch specials, that change daily, Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 2pm.


You may be wondering how some of our dishes are gluten/grain-free if they include tortillas, biscuits, rice, or noodles. Well, in the event that a dish calls for one of those ingredients, we find ways to mimic them. Such as cauliflower instead of rice, zucchini & spaghetti squash instead of noodles & alternative ingredients like Cassava, Potato, Almond, & Tapioca Flour, etc. (all of which are sold in Gather's market!) 

The menu is hand-crafted by our whole team & is entirely based on the ingredients at hand, what we're craving & what our customers have loved in the past. We get to have 100% creative freedom & can easily stand behind the quality of our specials (which we love), our guests seem to love it, too, and we typically sell out of food by 2PM. The closer you get to GATHER by 11am, the better your chances of getting a meal are. If food is not all sold by 2PM, we will package it up & it will sell it in the cold case & it is usually sold before closing time (6PM), from #FriendsWhoGather on their way home from work, popping in to see if there's anything left.  It really just depends on the day. One thing's for sure, nothing's going to waste.

You may DINE IN, take some food TO-GO, OR order our specials through the WAITR APP on your phone.

We post the daily menu on our FB & IG pages @GatherPaleoCafeAndMarket & frequently use the hashtags #FriendsWhoGather #GatherPaleoCafeAndMarket #JustEatRealFood #GatherGroupies

All meals prepared at Gather:Paleo Cafe & Market are grain-free, gluten-free, & free of refined sugar but definitely NOT free of flavor! We make all meals from scratch & use local, sustainably grown, amazingly healthy ingredients from only the best sources we can find (Donna’s Farm in Beaumont, TX// Yonder Way Farm in Fayetteville, TX// our beef was grass-fed at Chrystal’s husband’s family farm//all water used is alkaline water from the Water Tree Store in Nederland...just to name a few examples). We mix up our menu to utilize and NOT WASTE these amazing ingredients but also because we don’t believe that eating should ever be boring or harmful to your body. When you eat the same thing every day, you are more likely to get bored & steer towards junk. Eating healthy meals can and should taste delicious!

In the market, you'll find doTERRA essential oils & products, BATH BOMBS & SOAPS made exclusively for Gather from our friends at Down To Earth (yes the same Down To Earth Previously mentioned)! Find them on FB @Down.To.Earth.Nederland, Local Honey from Muldrow's Farm in Beaumont and from P&S Bee Farm in Port Neches, there are also TEXJOY Seasoning products since, you know, they are an amazing company & literally right up the road... & sometimes we have the honor of housing Lauren Hallmark to make her famous fresh salsa & Cindy Shoemaker to make her paleo desserts! :)

You can shop from our Paleo/Primal pantry items in our MARKET (Tues.-Fri.11am-6pm/Sat.11am-4pm)

(flip thru the following photos to see more of our market items)

 I want to have an amazing life…one free of pain & disease. We, in the paleo community, believe that the disease-free journey starts with eating nothing but REAL FOOD. Simple as that. It's not a magic pill, it's a lifestyle change...and boys & girls, let me tell you, it's done WONDERS for us!

We’ve been working extremely hard, ever since we opened the doors in January, and I COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD OF MY SISTERS, the team we’ve built (Marianna Taschinger, Vanessa Callahan, Rheanna Everett, Corinna Estes, Christi Benz Hebert), & the effort everyone has contributed.

It makes our hearts happy to do good & bring HEALTHY, FARM-FRESH MEALS TO OUR HOMETOWN COMMUNITY!!!

Speaking of, there is an organization that we are working closely with called the MidCounty Victory Garden. Our dear friend, Desiree Kleypas McPhillips, owns a Hair Salon on Nederland Avenue called SHEAR MADNESS. It is the only salon in town (to my current knowledge) that uses & sells organic hair products. (YOU CAN EVEN BLEACH YOUR HAIR WITH AN ALL-NATURAL DYE AT SHEAR MADNESS!!!) Anyway, Desiree also has quite the green thumb & has started THE MIDCOUNTY VICTORY GARDEN!  (which just so happens to be right directly next to Shear Madness. )

According to the MidCounty Victory Garden's Mission Statement: "The MidCounty Victory Garden is a community project that a small group of dedicated citizens are working on. Our mission is to educate the minds & feed the bodies of our local community. With the gathering of ideas from other gardener's first hand experiences, the attendance of educational classes, & the use of much research, the garden is coming to life. With the land available, we plan to build 32 raised beds, fence the property, construct a shed, a composting area, a small chicken coop, plus erect a water reservoir tower. We will have an area for children to learn & play, and a seating/resting area. All the projects will come to be over the course of 3 years."

Located at 1028 Nederland Avenue, it is a NON-GMO garden grown in raised beds, with organic soil & compost (from Gather:Paleo Cafe & Market). It is truly a beautiful sight and Desiree and the volunteers do such a wonderful job maintaining it. If you would like a tour of the garden, to donate time, money or equipment to this garden, you can contact Desiree ( (409) 223-0493 // to find out how. Follow the garden on FB @MidCountyVictoryGarden

OHHHH AAAAND it wouldn't be farfetched to add "Gallery" to the end of Gather:Paleo Cafe & Market because we also feature local artists’ work on our walls including some of our own art! So far, the artists' we've featured have consisted of: Xenia Fedorchenko (professor at Lamar University) , Adam Cook, Dan Gresham (artist & local news anchor), Steven Clouse & Sirena Laburn. (click on the artist's name to be directed to their websites)

I know this was a lot of information to take in. Life has been a crazy ride these last few months and I’m so excited to see where this journey takes us! I'll try my best to document it along the way!