Neither SAM nor EYE have children...but our friends, family members, & clients do!!!!!!! Not only are we fortunate to be surrounded by some of the coolest kids EVER, but we also have the honor of following them & photographing their awesome personalities as they grow. :)

The images below are part of a recent photo session that took place on a rainy day in Austin, Texas. Baby Gray was an absolute DELIGHT to work calm & sleepy...I think he cried twice. We love these images & can't wait to watch him grow...well, actually we can! 

Don't grow up too fast, baby Gray!!!! <3

As you may know, Samuel Cartwright (the "Sam" in SAM & EYE) lives in Austin, Texas and I, Jessi Hebert (the "Eye" in SAM & EYE) am currently living in Nederland, Texas (right outside of Beaumont). We are photographing ALL OVER TEXAS & have absolutely no problem traveling to you for your photography sessions! To discuss booking a photo session for yourself, your family, your animals/home/cars or your business, please email us all the details at

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Baby KING Has Arrived!

In September, SAM & EYE had the pleasure of photographing Janie's Maternity Session & now her precious baby, King, has arrived! We hope to be able to follow and document this new little family's history over the next several years. This last week we got to photograph sweet, adorable, little KING and here are a few of our favorites from that session!!!


I would like to thank Janie & Ando for allowing me the opportunity to photograph King and I would also like to thank Hello September for the beautiful purple wrap they made that was featured in a few of these images. Visit to see what else she has in store!!!

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I don't know if you've ever attempted to photograph a one year old, but even with the most well-behaved baby, it's not easy!!!! They are constantly on the move!

Xander just turned ONE and his mom & dad enlisted SAM & EYE to document this milestone of his life. Of course, we couldn't have been more honored to do so!!! Thank you so much, Michael & Lourdes!!!

I absolutely LOVE the honesty of the expressions captured in some of these photos. I was laughing so hard going through the pictures and choosing my favorites.

Here are just a few of them:

As you can see from this last picture, Xander just did NOT WANT THE FUN TO END!!! It's okay, Xander, I will be back to photograph you again, soon! You are just soooooo precious! I can HARDLY handle it!

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